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image Yijuang Chern   Professor( Adjunct )
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Considerable evidence has demonstrated that adenosine modulates a wide variety of cellular functions, including neuronal secretion and locomotor activity, in various tissues. To date, four adenosine receptors ( A1, A2A, A2B and A3 ) have been identified.We have successfully cloned and characterized the cDNA and the gene of rat A2A adenosine receptor (A2A-R). Activation of A2A-R results in elevation of intercellular cAMP contents.The principal objective of this research group is to understand the physiological functions and the regulation of A2A-R. Two different aproaches are used to accomplish this goal: to further characterize the gene structure and regulation of A2A-R under physiological conditions, and to examine the regulation of A2A-R mediated cAMP response during prolonged activation of A2A-R. Results of our study will provide fundamental insights into the action of adenosine, and might lead to greater therapeutic application of adenosine.
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