Cheng-Ting Chien Professor

Laboratory of Drosophila Neural Development
image Cheng-Ting Chien   Professor( Adjunct )
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image The Drosophila peripheral nervous system is an excellent model to study neural development. One example is the specification of sensory neurons by proneural genes. My lab has also identified the proneural gene amos in controlling the formation of multi-dendritic (MD) neurons. The proneural proteins are bHLH transcriptional activators to promote neural precursor differentiation. We identified phyllopod (phyl) as a direct target gene of proneural proteins. The Phyl protein functions as a component of an ubiquitin ligase complex to degrade the neural repressor Tramtrack, thus promoting neural differentiation. Post-mitotic neurons grow extensively to form the axon and dendrites. We are studying the serine/threonin kinase Nak in dendrite formation. Nak functions to enhance endocytosis, thus promoting dendritic branching and growth.
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