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Laboratory of Brain Connectivity

Ching-Po Lin Distinguished Professor



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林尚樺 張舜泰 劉一萱  魏怡嘉    王文瑜


Research Interest

Our laboratory applies well-developed diffusion MRI technique to interdisciplinary researches, including psychology, physiology, medicine, and engineering application. 
In psychology, we combine several modalities such as TMS, MRI, MEG, and EEG to explore brain functions related to different reactions and behaviors. MRI can provide high resolution anatomical images and also show the microstructure through diffusion techniques. TMS helps to map brain regions conducting reactions such as swallowing, muscular twitch, and flash. And MEG or EEG, which shows signal transmission under specific stimulus, is used to obtain the temporal information. By integrating different modalities, brain functions can be fully revealed.
In physiology, we adopt diffusion MRI techniques to reveal tissue structure such as cerebral neuronal tracts, and some deep nucleus. Using FA and ADC indices, which are derived from diffusion MRI, we correlate these indices with psychometrics and also with their correspondence to some abnormalities. It is very helpful to identify abnormal brain regions in vivo.
In medicine, diffusion MRI is exploited to pre-diagnose and to predict the recovery before and after the operation of brain tumor. Through inter-group comparison between normal subjects and patients, we can easily reveal the changes of schizophrenia and ADHD patients, which can just be diagnosed by psychometrics and doctor’s experience. Furthermore, axonal regeneration with stem cell can also be detected by using tractography technique, which is derived from diffusion MRI. Also, we apply diffusion MRI to research of stroke using rat. Diffusion MRI can enhance the contrast of different level of stroke and is helpful to researches of trauma.
In engineering, we develop fiber tracking techniques of different diffusion MRI technique such as diffusion spectrum imaging, which can give detailed information of microstructure. Besides, fundaments of diffusion MRI related to tissue microstructure can be clarified progressively in present researches. More detailed understanding makes MRI or diffusion MRI feasible for more applications, such as myelin degeneration.
More research in our lab are also in progress, such as automatic segmentation of the brain, mapping fiber density by diffusion MRI, Monte-Carlo model of diffusion phenomenon, correlation between reaction-time and diffusion MRI, virtual reality, software development and so on.
Invited Lectures/Publications

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