Kun-Hsien Chou Associate researcher

Kun-Hsien Chou Associate Researcher 

The goal of our lab is to explore the functional and structural features of the living human brain using non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging technique. We develop and optimize different imaging pulse sequences (high resolution T1/T2 weighted imaging, diffusion weighted imaging, functional MRI and susceptibility weighted imaging) and analysis approaches to study brain systems of different clinical populations and healthy participants. To investigate the multivariate changes between different clinical populations, we integrate statistical learning algorithms and big-data techniques to explore the possible imaging markers of neurodegenerative diseases, pain medicine and healthy aging trajectory. In the other hand, we also focus on the reproduction and replication issues of the field of the neuroimage science and try to establish the image processing pipelines with higher reliability for future precision medicine applications.

The research directions of our lab:
1. To develop/optimize analysis approaches for magnetic resonance images
2. To develop analysis approaches for structural and functional brain connectomes
3. To develop image based diseases and cognitive behavior prediction models
4. To establish Image preprocessing pipelines with higher reliability